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Corporate Outline

Corporate Name SYNTAX Inc.
Establishment April, 1991
Address Shinjuku Office1
3-30, Shin-Ogawa-machi
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0814
TEL 81(3)5229-4170
FAX 81(3)5229-7264

Shinjuku Office2
Wako blg. Iidabashi 4F
3-25, Shin-Ogawa-machi
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162-0814

2-8-16, Torigoe
Taitou-ku, Tokyo 111-0054

Board of Directors
and Auditor
Yoshimitsu Komatsu

Managing Directors
Takashi Watanabe
Nobuo Hirai
Mitsuyoshi Komatsu

Shu Sato

Paid-in Capital \130,000,000
Correspondent Banks Mizuho Bank Ltd. (Iidabashi Ekimae Branch Office)
Mizuho Bank Ltd. (Torigoe Branch Office)
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank Ltd. (Kanda Branch Office)


SYNTAX Inc. has been established aiming to support the creation of new market based on themes of various media (music, picture, multimedia, amusement and telecommunications etc.). Our services range from consulting to producing software. From 1996, we will be laying special weight on our business on the Internet. From now on, we will provide our service through our network source of experienced business consultants who have played an active part in the media world and our many prominent producer and creators.

Consulting Division
  • Business consulting (business development, planning of new merchandise, consulting by subject)
  • Marketing (planning on marketing strategy)
  • Research (market research, study report, analyzing statistics)
  • Re-engineering, CALS
  • Internet Agency (producing Web site, constructing of Intranet etc.)
  • Open-seminar, In-company training, Society of study, Multi-client-typed projecting business
  • Consulting about a matter concerning the intellectual property, Agent of managing the copyright-related matter

Software Division
  • Composing of the multimedia contents (CD-ROM, presentation for company etc.)
  • Designing for the Internet and producing computer graphics etc.
  • Producing the MIDI data
  • Offering the audio source (the library of 30,000 kinds of songs)
  • Music publishing (management of copyright, producing of master CD, publishing music)


Examples of main jobs performed since 1995

Consulting Division
  • Diversified consulting for major companies involved in entertainment software distribution (1995-1996)
  • Major amusement maker management improvement
  • Major amusement maker information system development
  • Consultation to a game software maker for planning and development of new products
  • Commissioned by Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) for a survey project of the Japanese market (1995)
  • Commissioned by Japan External Trade organization (JETRO) for a project to assist the promotion of exports from developing countries(1996)
  • Multimedia new business style shop development
  • Proposal for a strategic application of the Internet for the think tank affiliated with a major personal computer maker
  • Consulting to a major listed company for internet strategy
  • Planning and consultation on music and MIDI related new products for a major Audio-Visual hardware maker
  • Consulting to major camera and film maker for internet strategy
  • Consulting to major car parts and telecomunication device maker for internet strategy
  • Consulting to American multinational conglomarate enterprise for internet strategy
  • Developing of web sites for client companies (since1996)
    Examples of the orders received and the jobs performed:
    • A major entertainment software distribution company
    • A branch office of a major PHS telephone company
    • A major machinery maker
    • A major pharmaceutical maker
    • A major publishing and telecommunication company
    • A major camera maker
    • A major travel trading company
    • A major golf and sports gear maker
    • A major music instrument and Audio-Visual hardware maker
    • A major electronics hardware maker
    • A major foreign-affiliated company
    • A major web site campaigns and web system architecture
    • A electronics trading company
    • A think tank(Institute)
    • A pet pharmaceumical maker
    • A engineering company
    • Several ten subsidiaries over Japan of a rental company
    • A online magazine publishing company
    • Exhibition and demonstration facilities
    • Hotels, Japanese inns, tourist facilities and commercial buildings
    • Various public organizations
    • A translation company
    • A land survey service company
    • An Internet planning company
    • Commercial Internet providers
    • A music and MIDI related web pages in (both English and Japanese)
    • A major music portal site
    • A major gift shopping site
    • And many others

Software Division
  • Contract for production of MIDI for telecommunication Karaoke system
  • Producing multimedia software for company's PR exhibitions
  • Producing multimedia software for the Internet Forum
  • Publishing for music business (management of copyright)
  • Sales of CD titles (label business)
Computer Program-Related Performance (Record of Application Software Development for Business)
  • Producing and managing software for telecommunication MIDI Karaoke system
  • Database system for planning and development of new products
  • Database system for management and improvement shops
Any inquiries of sales performance of each title of other software (CD, MIDI, game etc.) are welcome.


Profile of President

Yoshimitsu Komatsu
SYNTAX Inc. Representative Director
After receiving a master of business administration, joined Sumitomo Business Consulting Co., Ltd. (merged with Nihon Research Institute Co., Ltd. in 1995 ) as a consultant. He has been responsible for leisure, service, distributing, various new media, electrical music instruments, new business planning of music and film world, strategic planning of marketing and development of space etc. from 1984 to the end of 1993. In 1994, assumed his current position with responsibilities for planning of large-scaled AV shop, new business style development of medium-small size record shop, consulting about the retailer support in the record business world. Recently, he has been the initiator for various new businesses: communications satellite, MIDI, game, multimedia, AV software etc. Since 1993, he has been sponsoring the "The project of realization of distributing business of entertainment software with non-package". He is dealing with lecture, society of study, committee and writing in connection with new business and
grappling with new business such as planning and producing telecommunication Karaoke system, music publishing etc. A member of JASRAC. (Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers)

Personal History (Outline)
1960 Feb.Born
1982 Mar.B.A. in economics from Gakushuin University
1984 Mar.Master of business administration from graduate school of Gakushuin University
1984 Sep.Joined Sumitomo Business Consulting Co., Ltd.
1993 Dec.Left Sumitomo Business Consulting Co., Ltd.
1994 Apr.Established SYNTAX Inc. and assumed the representative director. Engages in business consulting and planning in media industry, producing multimedia-related software.

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