With Regards To This Proposal

Nowadays, various Multimedia-related products from computers, games, household electric appliances, electronic music instruments, records, publishing world, are on sale one after another.
In the present situation, however, the distribution side is as of yet still underway when it comes to merchandising and supplying new products efficiently to consumers. This is a proposal in the multimedia field, where though distributing has promise, makers and consumers strongly demand it to be refined. Thus we are proposing "Making of the ultimate shop" in the multimedia field.
We are strongly hoping you will agree that this project will materialize in making of the ultimate shop which will be a guide into the future for customers interested in the multimedia field.

The characteristics of the proposal are as follows:


How we view the positioning multimedia

The meaning of the word "multimedia" varies, so we can not express definitively.
We divide product groups into six vectors and map for multi-media shops. You can see the differences in products based on various proposals for multimedia new business style shop.

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We are proposing the development of new business style shop.

The business style of multimedia varies. For example, there are three directions as follows, with them the new business style shop possibility will be evident.

The Three Directions of New Business Style Shop

Large-Scaled Comprehensive Multimedia Shop

This is the comprehensive shop which offers a rich selection of goods, more than hardware and software for personal computers.
This is a large-scaled shop which gathers all related-products such as: hardware, application software, peripheral devices, magazines, books and CD-ROMs.
We established a digital studio and various value-added spaces while considering amenity and design in the remaining areas. We are pursuing the pleasure of sight and selection.

Special Field Intensified Specialty Shop

We are capable of considering the specialty shop which chooses to specialize in just selected functions of the large-scaled shop to meet the restrictive conditions such as location, distribution and economics. There are many openings for such businesses in hardware, software and various purposes.

Existing Type of Business Combined Shop

We recollect the related-products for certain purposes and combine with the existing type of shop, and then create a new attraction. We can also contribute to the conversion of AV shops, musical instruments shops, book stores into new business style.

We have examples five development shops. However, the following item is just one of the examples. We are ready to offer more innovative ideas and more detailed materials, so please do not hesitate to ask us with "Inquiries,Counseling and Mail Corner".

The Examples of Multimedia New Business Style Shop

1. Large-Scaled Comprehensive
Personal Computer-Related Shop

  • Comprehensive shop which offers a wide range of hardware and software for personal computers
  • Hardware and peripherals, supply and related-books by platform
  • Business software, game software and CD-ROM by platform
  • Value added space such as classes, digital studio, trial corner, electric tea room etc.
  • Proposed for large cities whose population are more than 500,000 Renewal of existing shops

2. Multimedia Discounter

  • Warehouse style sales mainly hardware of personal computer
  • Good selections of top popular software
  • Possibility of offering the computer outlet related products
  • Adoption of our own correspondence shopping and hyper-distribution
  • Large scaled development on the roadside of major cities and suburb

3. New Business Style CD-ROM Specialty Shop

  • Comprehensive and good selection of CD-ROMs for Macintosh or Windows
  • Broader product array than existing AV shop and application for conversion of CD rental shop
  • Good selection of next generation game software, and video game software
  • Introduction of innovative distribution new service. (promotion, FC system, retail support etc.)

4. MIDI Music Shop of Next Generation

  • Enlarging business of existing musical instrumental shop who already have excellent location and reconfiguration for future applications.
  • Sales on DTM (Desktop Music) related hardware and personal computer hardware
  • Comprehensive selection of MIDI software and flexibility adjoin music related-business materials
  • Enrichment of lab studio, education, regional exchanges and information sending network offering style service
  • Introduction of new innovative distribution service (MIDI independent label, in-store merchandising, retail support etc.)

5. Amusement and Software Shop

  • Integration of amusement space and sales function of game device and software for home use
  • Materialization of new business for family game center in the shopping mall
  • Good selection of software products which offers next generation game devices as a core product
  • Offering a place to exchange among game fans in a common area Sales related-goods and offering event space


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