This is a shop which responds to customers' needs.
Q1: As everyone has it and is talking about it, I want to get it. But, I don't know which to buy.
Q2: I have bought it, but I don' t know what to use it for.
Q3: I already use it, but I want to do it as a professional.
I want to record this on CD-ROM. I want to edit with Quick Time.
A1: You can easily go anywhere you want, because the inside of shop is color-coded.
A2: You don't have to worry, because we categorize the contents of the software by purpose use.
A3: At each of the studios: DTP, DTM and DTV, the instructor will give you a lesson.

Software Department

This is different from the existing sales counter which is just displaying products. We gathered game, education, graphic, video, music, business to meet its purpose all together and you can touch and try them as you like.

Hardware Department

We are selling hardware at the price which is reasonable by global standards by makers, basic OS and purposes. We consider not only the price but also indicated function, performance and characteristics of products. Easily understood even without a sales clerk.


For the people who cannot create works which are satisfactory with the home computer, or for those who cannot afford to buy software and peripherals, we offer each studio of DTP, DTM and DTV. You can rent it by the hour and be given lessons by an operator.

Consuming Goods and Accessories

We have selection of copy paper and ink for printer, FD (floppy disk), MO, etc. and besides these, mousepad, cover, case, bag, desk and related accessories. And we are always making effort to make it more customer-friendly and display products functionally.

Comprehensive Department

We accept your questions and organize our membership system by producing members' cards and customers' records and periodically send them information and invitations to special events to further build customer loyalty. We set the Internet Corner, and try a communication network.

Event Space

We can use this place to introduce new products, promotion tie-up events, demonstrations. In addition, we can use it as a mini-exhibition corner of members' works. The music which is playing in the shop is the work of the members, and the art in the shop is also members'.