Examples of The Most Advanced Media Shops

Let us introduce you to the leading-edge media-related shop which a major design and construction company collaborating with SYNTAX Inc. handled. Every shop has become very popular large-sized shop in the field. There are numerous customers who support these shops.


Its location is few minute walk from the nearest train station and all floors (from the first to the sixth floor) are filled with books. This is a prominent large-sized bookstore in Tokyo. We took charge of leasing, interior, equipment and signs. They have many personal computer-related books they are creating synergy and working with its neighboring home electronic shop, positive news has been consistent from the opening.


Since the opening of first shop in Shinjuku, additional shops opened in Sapporo in the north and in Hiroshima in Western part of Japan. Again, we were involved in its interior, advertising, promotion and all relevant about the shop.
We introduced many audition devices; Ikebukuro shop established cafe, and furthermore, we are always aiming at the new concept AV shop.


As for a large-scaled personal computer shop which is rapidly growing, we are dealing with interior, sign and VMD (visual merchandising) plan and so on.
Especially, the biggest shop as a key is located in a very competitive part of Japan to enhance its marketing and we are offering some events and topics, which are full attracting customers.


Think of Our Company As Your Partner

To propose the new type multimedia business, we will help you who is planning to begin a new business as a total support. These include selection of location, marketing survey, store and space planning, merchandising, management operation, development merchandise supply route, tenant coordination, advertising and sales promotion, design shop and construction, we are here to support you to establish an attractive comprehensive commercial equipment concept.
Regarding our various proposals, we are preparing more detailed presentation with further specifics. Of course we are willing to have any ideas, opinions and advice from you.
We have a function on the Internet which you can easily send mail to. And at the same time, please use the "Inquiry" on this Web site.

We will you with provide total support to meet your purpose for the development-opening and future.

STEP1 : Presentation (Plan of development)
  • Inquiry, Counseling
  • Meeting, Confirmation of your request
  • Estimating the expense
  • Contract

(STEP1 is basically free of charge)

STEP 2 : Basic Survey for Materialization
  • Location survey and analysis
  • Customer survey and analysis
  • Business area survey and analysis
  • Shop diagnosis
  • Competitor survey and analysis
  • Management analysis

STEP 3: Development and Planning of Shops
  • Shop plan
    • Shop concept
    • Target strategy
    • Tenant plan
  • MD planning
    • MD concept
    • MD basic plan
    • MD zoning
  • Space plan
    • Design concept
    • Design basic plan
  • Operation plan
    • Naming plan
    • VI plan
    • Service menu plan
  • SP planning
    • SP plan
    • Sales promotion plan
    • Media plan
  • Business plan

STEP 4: Installation of Design and Construction of Shop

STEP 5: Opening
  • Advertising of grand opening
  • Implementation of opening event

STEP 6: Future
  • Maintenance, regular check
  • Operation follow-up
  • Marketing consulting
  • Annual sales promotion event
  • Renewal


Inquiry and contact point

TEL 03-5272-0526



3-30, Shin-Ogawa-machi, Shinjuku-ku
Tokyo, Japan 162-0814
Telephone 81(3)5229-4170
Facsimile 81(3)5229-7264

You can easily ask questions or request further information on the Internet.
Please feel free to use this corner.

Inquiries, Counseling, and Mail Corner

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